Recharge your batteries!
Sometimes you need to take time for yourself and just do exactly what you want, to bring your body and soul into harmony.
Let us spoil you with our wellness treatments!

For reservations or information about the various treatments, please contact Reception either directly
or by phone (tel. no. 500). If you need to cancel up to 24 hours before the start of your treatment there will be no cost.
If you cancel your treatment at short notice we will charge you the full price. So that you can enjoy the entire
treatment time, we request that you report to our spa reception well in advance. Out of consideration for
the guests that follow you, we hope you will understand that if you are late for your appointment,
the treatment time will be reduced accordingly. Thank you for your courtesy.

The Goldknopf Alpine Herb Ball Massage
Gentle massage movements with the warmed
aromatic balls counteract tiredness, stress and
muscle tensions.
50 min. |  70,00 €
The Goldknopf Sports Massage
Powerful massage with intensive effect on the musculature.
Before taking part in sport it increases performance and
after sport it helps to relax tired muscles.
55 min. | 70,00 €
The Goldknopf back or leg massage
This massage relieves tensions in the back or legs. 

25 min. |  40,00 €
Specific massage
A massage that is individually tailored in discussion
with themasseuse that works on the areas of greatest tension.
25 min. | 40,00 €
      55 min. | 60,00 €
Brush Massage
At the brush massage the whole body becomesbrushed with a sisal brush,
in the course of the renal meridian and the bladder meridianfirst brushed
and then creamed. The aim of this treatment is the well-being of man.
50 min. | 70,00 €
Back Massage with Gua Sha
Back massage followed by Gua Sha, a technique of traditional Chinese massage
The tension is loosened with a special scraper.
Poison and toxins are excreted.
The skin reddens,opens the superficial blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation.
  50 min. | 60,00 €
Partial Body massage
Full Body massage

25 min. | 40,00 €
    50 min. | 60,00 €
Facial Massage
15 min. | 25,00 €
NECK-Head Massage
25 min. | 40,00 €
STOmach massage
 25 min. | 40,00 €
FOOT Reflexology
The reflexology massage stimulates reflex zones,
which improves blood circulation and supports Oran function.
50 min. | 70,00 €
Lymphatic drainage
Powerful printing technique with draining effect.
50 min. | 70,00 €
Massage for Kids
25 min. | 40,00 €