Our tip: Ideally, you should rest for 30 minutes after every treatment. During a massage waste products are
released in your body. For this reason you should consume plenty of liquid only.
Your Beauty Team

Full Body Scrub With Hay Extracts
Optimal purity – full body scrub with
apricot kernels and hay extracts
The gentle, efficient organic body scrub with hay flower
extracts and ground apricot kernels deeply cleansesthe skin making it appear clearer and more radiant.

                                                                     25 min. | 35,00 €
Linen Glove Dry Body Scrub
Stimulating nature – linen glove – dry – body scrub
Deep cleansing dry body scrub with potent essences
support the speed of the metabolism for a clear
and glowing complexion. Ideal for sensitiveand
especially dry skin.
                                                                      25 min. | 35,00 €
Aroma Salt Body Scrub
Intensive softness - full body aromatherapy salt body scrub
This full body scrub with aromatherapy massage oil
and salt from the Dead Sea supports the skin’s renewal,
stimulates the metabolism in the tissues and makes your
skin velvety soft. For an intensely fresh feel.
                                                                       25 min. | 35,00 €

Hay bath
Nestle in our water hammock and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.
Perspiring in the hay strengthens the immune system and stimulates the metabolism.
In addition, the hay bath, with its meadow flowers, is wonderfully beneficial for the skin.

Hay bath  with partial body massage
                                                                       25 min. | 40,00 €

25 min. | 60,00 €